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MOCpages is the world's coolest LEGO community. And it's 100% free.
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Track your favorite creations and favorite builders so it's easy to find the stuff you like. We'll even tell you what your favorite builders are up to.

Create a buddy icon and show your individuality.

Get activity updates about you and your friends. Read comments, see new creations, follow conversations, find new groups, and more.

Show your creativity
You can share your LEGO creations... super-easily. You don't need to know HTML or any programming.

Upload photos of your creations, write about them, and share them with your friends. It's free and unlimited.

Automatically get ratings and comments from visitors, and see who likes your creations.

Customize the colors of your pages. Organize your creations into folders, and tag them so fans can find your stuff.

See your most popular creations, comments people have left for you, and more.

Explore zillions of LEGO creations! See what's new, what's popular, what's being discussed. or browse great creations from the past.

Groups bring together people, conversation, and LEGO creations. Clubs, contests, projects, more!

Browse someone's LEGO creations, or see what they like.

Share your thoughts
Comment on LEGO creations, and join multi-threaded group discussions.

Get replies and other updates with nifty e-mail and notification settings that let you control what you see and when.

Stay safe
Comments and conversations are moderated by software programs and by a real-live human being. We don't allow anyone to be mean, rude, attacking, or vulgar.

Commenters are held accountable for their actions and you always have a way to reply or to report problems.

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It's completely free!
About MOCpages

MOCpages is the greatest place to see and share LEGO creations.

This web site is not affiliated with The LEGO Group of Companies in any way.

Sean Kenney has run MOCpages since 2003. He's the community leader and a LEGO fan, just like you. He even shares his LEGO creations here!

Look around, share your thoughts, and get inspired!


More cool features
You don't have to rate a creation when writing a comment (unless you want to).

When commenting on your own creations, you'll see an I made it badge next to your comment.

You'll see an I like it badge next to comments left by people who like your creation.

Your home page
The folder list on your home page is front-and-center, showing a preview of what's inside.

Visitors see your most popular creations, right on your home page.

Visitors can see the most recent comments on your creations, right on your home page.

Your creations
Five photo upload layouts, including "grid" and "full size" let you arrange pictures in lots of ways.

The spifftastic scroll box shows up on each of your pages and lets people browse your creations.

Pages with dark backgrounds have dark MOCpages headers and footers, to blend better with your page.

Browse other LEGO creations added the same day as your creation.

Favorite builders
See who likes your work by tracking who calls you a favorite and who likes your creations.

See your favorite builders most recent creations right on the home page, as well as comments they've written and groups they've joined.

Create groups that are either public or private.

Control who can join. Approve or reject new members, or allow anyone to join, or make the group by-invitiation-only.

Set rules about adding LEGO creations to groups: who, when, and how many.

Group admins can moderate conversations and remove problematic members.

Smart e-mail messages are less likely to be marked as junk mail by your mail programs.

Filter your activity to see new comments, group information, new creations, and news about favorite builders.

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